Thursday, October 5, 2006

Developing EotP

I like to lay out my ground rules. I'm very lawful neutral you know. Except when I'm true neutral. Or chaotic neutral. Usually neutral in some way though. I'm noncommittal like that. I make-a de rules and I break-a de rules. I should arrest myself; I'm so corrupted.

I am seeking a digicam. Lacking this item is yet another great shame of mine. It makes no sense to me to have a site dedicated to my harem and yet have to show off pictures that are not of my girls; that are not of the very same girls I fondle admire frequently in various states of undress. After procuring this vital piece of technology, I expect posts to pick up significantly. Otaku cred is taken seriously here, yo. But not that seriously. I'm broke you know. All those girls are expensive. Like, for real.

Also, I have been wondering how I should approach anime series reviews. I actually don't watch all that many series so if I were to only log what new stuff I see... well, I think continental drift may get more headlines or maybe even the Harry Potter saga would finish! (Below the belt, I know. Thank you, you're too kind.) Okay, maybe not that bad, but it would be definitely lacking quantity and me ranting about my girls only carries so far. (I think...) On the other hand, if I include the old stuff, it would take a while to get it all out there and well... they're old. Maybe not Speed Racer or even Sailor Moon old, but in a fast moving world, 5 years is an eternity already. I'll probably do the retroviews when I seriously lack material feel like it.

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