Thursday, August 5, 2010

Reclamation of Table

A long time ago, I had a table in the corner of my room. I had no camera or lighting so I used it as a work surface. I put that table away when I needed space for boxes of stuff.

Things have changed. I have musume and a camera now. I will be buying a lighting setup sometime before Christmas to shoot Christmas cards. Also, eBay is offering free auction listings this month at any starting price--necessary since no way would I list a niche item for $0.99! So I have reinstated the table as a photo space. And am selling off figures that don't fit in my collection. Sales will go toward the lighting equipment and a new musume (soon to be discontinued).

I will be placing listings on eBay, posting a notice on classifieds, possibly craigslist (ick) and the Kawaii Kon message board, and posting a total list here. There's a LOT of figures on the auction block, all still with original packaging, with most never removed from their boxes at all.

I have spent several days compiling and photographing them. Everything (including the auctions themselves) should be up no later than Saturday.

Please look forward to it!

EDIT: Did near-final inventory of sale items. Almost 50 figures! Holy crap.

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