Friday, March 18, 2011

Real Life uses Reality Check! It's super effective!

Thanksgiving is a special holiday to me. We Americans use this day to reflect on the good things in our life. We give big ticket thanks--for life, health, friends & family--as well as small ticket thanks--for mp3s, dolls, internet & porn. Then we gain 10 pounds from one meal.

[Insert fat American joke here.]

For me, Thanksgiving came a little early, at least the serious reflection part. I am grateful for my health and the safety of the people I care about, when many in the world do not have these luxuries.

As everybody knows by now, Japan has been hit with one of the worst earthquakes in recorded history. I am not in Japan, nor am I from there, but I feel great affinity toward them. I have Japanese friends. I appreciate Japanese sensibilities. Almost all my hobbies originate from or are produced by them.

This post is meant to be a list of possible ways to show support those affected by the tragedy. As a (former-ish) economist, I believe that the forces of greed and competition are neutral in nature, and can be harnessed for good. If you are less greedy than I, you can simply donate to the Red Cross Japan relief fund or other organization of choice.
This is just what I caught wind of. I also received offers from my credit card providers (to donate reward points) and from airlines (to donate points or provide point incentives), so if it hadn't occurred to you to look at those, you could check your relevant accounts as well.

I wish Japan all the best.

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